Pele leaves will for ‘secret daughter’ who needs DNA proof

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Brazilian soccer legend Pele Has revealed a shocking secret in his will that there may be another daughter. And have been asked to prove DNA to confirm paternity before inheriting the inheritance.

     Football legend ‘Pele’ has revealed the shocking secrets of his will. That he may have another daughter His family was shocked to find out. The Brazilian star named a woman born to a woman with whom he had an illegal relationship in the 1980s. In his will Pele insists the woman must be DNA tested. If the result is positive She is also entitled to his large inheritance.

Pele leaves will for 'secret daughter' who needs DNA proof

         When Pele, the only man to ever win three UFABET World Cups, died last December. He left behind a fortune worth around £12 million, but now reports in Brazil suggest it could be as high as £75 million. A child born to his previous wife could also become an official heir if successful, meaning she would also be entitled to a lump sum. Two women are now trying to see if they have the legal right to take on some of Pele’s fortune.

         Pele, who has been married three times, has seven children and six grandchildren . Cmahon is his child from his last marriage to Marcia Aoki. In this regard, lawyer Augusto Miglioli , representing the children. Pele’s trio Referring to Maria’s claim that “The part that will be allocated to her Because there is a possibility that she will be the heir. need to be reserved.”

         Last year, Maria began the formal paternity certification process in the presence of a public defender. (Attorney appointed to represent those who cannot hire an attorney to defend themselves in a trial) of the State of São Paulo. The regional court even informed Pele. But his deteriorating health prevented DNA testing.
The source said Pele mentions the existence of Maria do Socorro Azevedo, who may have been his daughter. “Pele appears to have used a will to let his family know about the heirs.” After all, the method of dividing the funds will not be made public. unless the family chooses to do so.

 Pele is widely regarded as the greatest footballer and athlete of all time. He died at the age of 82 at a hospital in São Paulo on December 29, 2022. After a long battle with cancer. Pele had a complicated love life and many romantic relationships. But when he died The sports world mourns this legend.
World-renowned politicians such as former US President Bill Clinton also came to pay their respects.

         At his funeral in Santos In his hometown, hundreds of thousands of fans lined the streets to bid their last goodbyes. His open coffin was placed in a circle in the center of Santos’ field. and the football fans queuing up to mourn day and night Some queued for up to 12 hours. Pele’s body was buried
on the 14th floor, the top floor of the Memorial Necrópole Ecumênica, the world’s highest cemetery. which is not far from the Santos racetrack To allow Pele’s body to watch the competition of the Santos team forever.