Clear eyes and beautiful skin with carrot soup

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If you want beautiful skin, clear eyes, and far from disease, beautiful, bright orange vegetables like carrots can help you. If you have free time, Let’s try making some.

Clear eyes and beautiful skin with carrot soup

The healthy menu of carrot soup isn’t pretty, but this picture of carrots , a bright orange vegetable, is eye-catching. It also hides many health benefits. Want to nourish your skin and take care of your eyes? Did you know that Beautiful, bright orange vegetables like ‘carrot’ can help satisfy this need. Because it contains beta-carotene Nutrients that are beneficial to the skin Helps make the skin clean and bright. It is also an antioxidant. Prevent the occurrence of cancer cells Can remove excess fat from the liver. Cleans the liver from accumulated bile and toxins.

In addition, eating carrots also gives you vitamin A. Especially if the body is lacking this type of vitamin. Beta-carotene is immediately converted to vitamin A by the body’s own mechanisms. This nutrient is effective in enhancing eye health. Reduce the risk of blindness. Carrots also contain dietary fiber. Good for the digestive system and excretion. However, in eating carrots, Many people wonder Between eating raw and cooked Which type is better? Pharmacist Thaweesap Luengnatethep, Manager of Nutrition for Health and Good Quality of Life from Nestlé Thailand, clarified the question: “In terms of beta-carotene If eaten raw The body can absorb only 3 percent of these nutrients because nature created carrots with hard cell walls. The human body cannot digest it well.

But researchers have found two ways to solve this problem, which is to grind it thoroughly. Helps the body digest and absorb beta-carotene, increasing to 21 percent.

And another way is to cook it. It increases the โปรโมชั่น ufabet body’s absorption capacity to 27 percent because the carrot cell walls are heated and softened.

Even when eating raw carrots May result in not getting much beta-carotene But the fiber or fiber Including vitamins, it can still be absorbed quite a bit.

But in terms of vitamins If exposed to heat, some of it will be lost, so nutritionists often recommend eating carrots or other vegetables. that have been cooked all at once Shouldn’t be heated repeatedly. Because it will lose even more nutritional value.”

When you know the benefits of this vegetable Who wants to get into the kitchen and prepare a healthy menu from carrots? Health Corner recommends making ‘carrot soup’ with a method that is not difficult to make.

Take about 2 carrots, peel them and grate them into shreds. Then blend it until it is smooth and fine.

Turn to boiling soup. Add about 1-2 glasses of water per 1 cube of chicken soup.

When you have the soup, add the blended carrots and mix with the soup in the pot. Continue to boil until boiling. So add tapioca flour, fresh milk, pepper and a little salt.

Stir until all ingredients are mixed together. Wait for it to boil again and then turn off the gas stove. This is considered to be the completion of the improvement process. That’s it, you’ll have carrot soup. Eat it while it’s warm. It’s good for your throat. If you have free time, you should try it.