“Artificial tears” or “eye tube medicine” from Japan. Choose the wrong one and your eyes will become even more dry.

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Dr. Pirat Lokapatthana or Dr. Maew, doctor in the internal medicine department Yanhee Hospital From the Facebook page Fun knowledge like a cat doctor Stated the dangers that may come from buying artificial tears from Japan and using them yourself. You may accidentally buy medicine drops to use instead. Frequent use can be harmful to your eyes.

"Artificial tears" or "eye tube medicine" from Japan. Choose the wrong one and your eyes will become even more dry.

Dr. Pirat stated that “In the market, there are eye drop products from Japan that are sold online. 

Many of them will say ” artificial tears” or sometimes they will say ” artificial tears”. Artificial tears/eye drops Some have cold formulas. Said that after using it my eyes are clear.

When it’s artificial tears The understanding of the general public is You can keep dropping the eye drops without any problems. The problem is that sometimes things that are labeled as artificial tears are not artificial tears. But it is an eye drop in the family of antihistamines. There may be some that contain ingredients. 

-Tetrahydrozoline which is a drug that has the effect of constricting blood vessels Makes people who are irritated with red eyes feel that the irritation is reduced. 

– Cholorpheniramine is an antihistamine. 

– Cooling substances such as camphor, menthol, peppermint.

If there are ingredients of drugs that reduce the size of blood vessels When you first use it, your eyes will be very relieved because it reduces the size of the arteries in your eyes (when your eyes are red, you feel discomfort because the สมัคร ufabet blood vessels swell up). 

But the drugs in this group are used for a long time. It will start to be ineffective. And when you stop using it suddenly, there is a risk of red eyes. (from stopping using the drug) until having to return to using it Or use more to get the same results. And if used for a long time There’s also a risk of dry eyes. 

So before using it, look carefully to see if it’s real artificial tears or eye drops.

However, it is really not recommended to buy anything that cannot be read on the label for use on the body. If you are about to press to order Please take the picture and search on Google. Then read the ingredients “From country of origin” will be more confident.