The media revealed Glazer extends the deadline for the second bid to buy the Red Devils.

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The noble country media identifies the Glazer family. Extending the deadline for buying Manchester United for the second round. Until the end of this weekend to wait for other capital groups to submit. After the Qatar Capital Group and Sir Jim Ratcliffe bid a world record.

The Daily Star reports that the deadline for a second bid for Manchester United has been extended from Wednesday, to the end of the weekend instead. As the Glazer family seek an “acquired” buyer. more potent than ever. After it was reported that Sheikh Yassim bin Hamad Al-Thani. The Qatari capital group and chairman of the Islamic Bank of Qatar, and British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe Has already offered a UFABET world record price.

The media revealed Glazer extends the deadline for the second bid to buy the Red Devils.

Previously, both sides had made an offer to buy the Red Devils for the first time at £ 4.5 billion or about 184,500 million baht, however, the price was added in the second round, which did not disclose the details of the amount. how much It is expected to be around 5 billion pounds or around 210,000 million baht, which will break the record for buying the most expensive sports team in history.

However, now Rain Group , the bank in charge of trading The deadline is being extended until the end of the week. The New York-based agency wants to attract more potential bidders. And there are no reports of bids coming close to the £6 billion valuation or about 254 billion baht of the club by the Glazer family. therefore wanting to extend the time further

The report states that the number 1 richest person in the UK. It only wants to buy 69% of the Old Trafford team, while the Qatari capital hopes for a full takeover . Management and venture capital from Saudi Arabia, but it is expected that the candidates will only have the first two.

The Daily Mail reports the deal could be delayed as the Glazer family seem unwilling to sell the club. As a result of Manchester United is required by many more capital groups. Therefore, there may be an opportunity to make more profit. But if it persists, the Red Devils disciples are also dissatisfied. Because they need a new owner who is no longer from this family.