Courtois refuses to withdraw from Belgium over captain’s armband

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Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibou Courtois has dismissed speculation that the Belgian captain has a right knee injury. Causing him to withdraw from playing in the post for the Euro 2024 qualifying game that will invade Estonia this Tuesday

Belgium goalkeeper Thibou Courtois has hit back at manager Domenico Tedesco and insists he was withdrawing from the national team . In the Euro 2024 European National Football Championship qualifying  round, Group F visit Estonia on Tuesday, June 20 due to a right knee injury. It wasn’t because he was dissatisfied with not being captain of the ทางเข้า ufabet team in the previous match.

Courtois refuses to withdraw from Belgium over captain's armband

Earlier , Tedesco said that The Real Madrid goalkeeper refused to travel to the match. Due to dissatisfaction with being overlooked as captain in Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Austria , with Romelu Lukaku wearing the armband instead, Courtois will take the lead. The team played on the field on Tuesday, however, such a statement caused the 31-year-old. Dan to become angry. and promptly clarified through his personal website

“I am very disappointed with this. But I want to make it clear that The coach’s predictions are inconsistent with reality,” Courtois said. I didn’t claim anything and have spoken to my team-mate Romelu Lukaku to clarify any circumstances related to this situation. 

At the same time, Gold, the White King, continued to say that yesterday afternoon. He underwent a physical examination for a problem with his right knee. The medical team of the club and the national team have been in contact and reviewed all relevant information. Before deciding to leave the training camp. He was also surprised that the stories discussed within the team were made public.

For Europe, the Red Devils have played two games in qualifying for Euro 2024. The first leg beat Sweden 3-0 before the second leg was played at home. But only able to open the nest and draw 1-1, with Vienna 1-1, resulting in 4 points, ranked 2nd in Group F behind Austria  had played 3 games, leading the crowd with 7 points, 3 points together