Arsenal 2-1 Wolverhampton: Picking up after the Premier League game, the Gunners were nervous at the end of the game before narrowly defeating the Wolves.

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Matheus Cunha scores to spark hope Wolverhampton chased down Arsenal at the end of the game, but in the end. They couldn’t catch up and it was the Gunners who finally grabbed 3 points at home.

Arsenal 2-1 Wolverhampton: Picking up after the Premier League game, the Gunners were nervous at the end of the game before narrowly defeating the Wolves.

Arsenal couldn’t close the ยูฟ่าเบท game.

In this game, many people probably agree after seeing Arsenal’s aggressive form at the beginning of the game. They probably thought that this match would be lacking. There would definitely be three or four goals from the offensive game that connects the ball in a beautiful, smooth way. Two goals in the first 15 minutes, but where did they get it? Because the game returned to the same loop as in many previous matches. When they had a lead, they tended to slow down the game, gradually playing knocking back and forth. Until if anyone watched it and felt sleepy.

They might be able to fall asleep. At all And when the third didn’t come in a long time, the Wolves still had hope. Which finally came to break the egg successfully in the last 10 minutes. Making the game suddenly exciting. Even though it should have ended long ago if the home team had shot the third. Gained from many opportunities that were possible before.

Zinchenko works hard to give out gold

Even though today the Ukrainian back was involved in the second goal, he was the one who bounced into the penalty area before slapping it back for Odegaard to press it in, but after that the former star from Manchester City seemed to There are clear problems in the defensive game. This is not a mismatch or a tackle. But almost all of them made mistakes and lost the ball themselves. I’m not sure if it’s hesitation or maybe being too confident. But in the end, it undeniably contributed to the team losing a goal from being intercepted in their own penalty area and ultimately being punished.

Cannon guarantees leader

3 points in this game sends Arsenal still guaranteed to be at the top with 33 points after the first 14 games, 4 points ahead of City in second place, with the Blues facing a tough job on Sunday with the opening. Home welcomes Tottenham Hotspur, which Gunners fans may have to cheer for the Golden Spurs on a special basis if they hope to distance themselves from Manchester City, while Wolves themselves after the end of this game have 15. The score is ranked 13th, which is still considered relatively safe because it is 8 points away from the danger zone.

Next schedule

From this game, Arsenal will have a schedule to play 4 games in a row, 2 matches a week, starting with a visit to Luton Town in the middle of next week. Before next weekend, there will be a tough job invading Aston Villa’s nest, followed by a trip to PSV, which may not need much emphasis because they are guaranteed to enter the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League for sure and conclude. Coming back to play at home to face Brighton, an interesting game will inevitably be a meeting with Villa and Brighton, which will certainly not be an easy task to grab 3 points in the hunt for the championship.