Alli refutes missing, green light team to find a doctor, come back to practice tomorrow

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Midfielder Dele Alli is in poor form Post confirmed he had not escaped training with Besiktas on loan from Everton. But because he had received permission to see a doctor on Wednesday. And prepare to return to practice with the team the next day

Everton midfielder Dele Alli joins Turkish side Besiktas on loan. Came out to respond to the words of Senol Gunes the team manager. Refusing to return to training to prepare with the team. On Wednesday by confirming permission from the agency to see a doctor and will return to regular training on Thursday.

Alli refutes missing, green light team to find a doctor, come back to practice tomorro

The 26-year-old will hope to return to the Turkish giants on loan for a season. After a string of poor performances for both former clubs Tottenham Hotspur. And blue toffee real agency in spite of having previously been expected will have a bright future But, surprisingly, he has scored just two goals in 13 appearances and has not been a favorite since the UFABET club appointed Gunes in October last year. 

The 70-year-old Turk has criticized Dele Alli in the press, saying he was allowed back to England last week. for the players to have a little break But he still hasn’t returned. Maybe it’s because it’s raining, that may be the reason. Why didn’t he come? We are trying to find out where he is, but recently, the former England midfielder came out and posted a message on social media

“Hey, I just received a lot of messages. So want to clear something. The club allowed me to see a doctor today. I’ll go back to training as usual tomorrow. and still committed to the team as before

Since Gunes took over from previous boss Valerian Ismael, Dele has made just four appearances. It is reported in Turkey that He will not play for the club again. His current situation is the latest low in a career that has started off nicely, however, it seems that he did not want the situation to worsen and decided to return to training with the squad.